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Dawson County

Dawson County is located on the South Plains of Texas about half way between Lubbock and Midland. The Dawson County Office of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service is located in the Courthouse in the county seat, Lamesa. The Extension Program, directed by the Dawson County Leadership Advisory Board, strives to serve a population who derives its main income from agriculture and agriculture-related industries. Listed below are links that can take you directly to pages with more information about Lamesa and the school districts that serve the children in this county.

Mission: The mission of AgriLife Extension is a seemingly simple one: improving the lives of people, businesses, and communities across Texas and beyond through high-quality, relevant education. Through field based faculty, Extension provides unbiased, research-based information and educational programs so Texans are better prepared to:

-eat well, stay healthy, manage money, and raise their children to be successful adults.

-efficiently help themselves through preventing problems and using tools for economic stability and security.

-improve stewardship of the environment and of the state’s natural resources.

History: Dawson County was created from Bexar territory in 1876 and was named for Captain Nicholas Mosby Dawson. Lamesa (the anglicized version of the Spanish name La Mesa meaning “table land”) became the county seat in 1905.